---- I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for your help yesterday with my beautiful wig.  My husband and daughter thought I looked hip and gorgeous, and strange to say, I actually can't wait to wear it more often.  You took a painful process for me and made it fun and bearable.  I really enjoyed meeting you, and I felt I knew you before I ever walked into your home.  Thanks again for everything.  You are truly an angel put on this earth by God.

--- Anyway, I went to this wonderful place in Overland Park called Wigged Out. Tina, the owner, is a breast cancer survivor as well. Anyway, she runs the business out of her home, and by appointment only so that clients have a very individualized and private experience. I posted my picture on Facebook yesterday, and people have gone absolutely nuts over "my new haircut." I wanted to pass on her contact info so you could talk to her... I know that many fellow cancer survivors and patients might have a frustrating time in finding a wig, and Wigged Out is really wonderful.

--- Hey, I'm rocking my new wig at work today!  Everyone loves it! Thanks for selling me a big confidence booster!!

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